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Paint Horse is Dirty Rocki photo by Darrell Dodds
Quarter Horse is Securitee Acres by Don Trout
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P A I N T  &  Q U A R T E R   H O R S E  S T A  L L I O N S

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Welcome to Stallions Central!  This site will lead you to some of the best Paint & Quarter Horses in the country. You'll find horses for sale with show or breeding potential from leading breeders and trainers. Looking for a stallion? You've come to the right place! Surf through the horses on this site and you'll find World Champions and World Champion Sires in halter, western pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Jumping and  other performance events whether it's APHA or AQHA. These Paint Horse and Quarter Horse stallions are eligible for many futurities, most offer shipped semen and all offer excellent mare care and personal service. So whether you're looking for a Paint Horse or Quarter Horse, you'll find the best in stallion services and horses for sale!

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Jarvis Ranch, Texas

Tina Langness
Performance Horses, Wisconsin

Meri-J Ranch, Wisconsin

Merritt Equine Ventures, Texas

Reisinger Farms, Iowa

Suggs Show Horses, Texas

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Walnut Ridge Paints, Wisconsin


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A Moonlit Invitation, AQHA
Acoolest, AQHA
Alotta Charisma, APHA

Cowboys Style, AQHA

Bet Your Chip, APHA
Execute, APHA/AQHA
First In Command, APHA/AQHA
Get Radical, AQHA
Good I WIll Be, AQHA
Hot Ones Only, AQHA
I Got Charisma, APHA
Im Fine Lee, AQHA
Invest In A Hot Star, AQHA
Iron Enterprise, AQHA
Mr Innovation, AQHA
Mr Millennium, APHA/PtHA
Mr Touchdown Kid, AQHA
Mr Zip O Rock, APHA/AQHA
NI Fabulous, AQHA
Sonnys Top Gun, APHA/AQHA
Sudden Instinct, AQHA
Teddys Last Splash, APHA
The Big Sensation, APHA
Touchdown Cali, AQHA
Un Forgettable, AQHA
WF Two Thumbs Up, AQHA
Zippin Rock, APHA
Zips Dee Lux, APHA
ZW Legacy, APHA
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PHOTO CREDITS: Original photos of Dirty Rocki, (above left) and Securitee Acres, (above right) are by Darrell Dodds and Don Trout respectively. We commend your tremendous talent!


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